Nicaragua Real Estate Property Management

The Horizon Group...
can help you preserve your real estate investment through our Property
Management services.

Whether you are looking to earn a positive cash flow from a rental property, want to develop a large parcel or are just simply looking for someone to clear your land, Horizon has you covered.

Our Services...

Rental Management

Our rental management service provides bookings for your rental property. We advertise and market our rental properties through both our website and our vast network of contacts throughout Nicaragua and abroad in order to increase your occupancy rate and, therefore, create a positive cash flow from your investment.

Property Management

Our property management service provides the full range of services necessary to effectively manage your property from A to Z. Our bi-lingual team will interview, hire, manage and pay your staff if you are looking for a gardener, a maid, a cook, a security guard or all of the above. We will manage and pay all of your bills and resolve any maintenance issues that may arise.

Development Management

Our development management services entail everything necessary to transform a large parcel of raw land into a fully serviced and functional development. We work alongside a handful of different professionals who specialize in development planning, topography, road construction, water systems, electrical systems, sustainability and more. Our goal is to develop your property in an environmentally friendly manner that allows you to minimize your costs while maximizing your return.

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"I couldn't be happier with Lindsey and Seth. They go above and beyond what you would ever expect from your average property manager. I feel very fortunate to have met them and look forward to working with them and the Horizon Group in the years to come."

John Martin

Nicaragua Real Estate