“Building outside the U.S.is a challenge, but the rewards can be epic.  You need to find the right combination of land, design, people and management to succeed.  Jeff helped me find the perfect piece of land and Tony helped make our ideas of a dream home become a reality -- both  at a price I could afford!” 

Miles Walsh

Our Services...
The Horizon Group offers full construction management services that are designed to make building your home in a foreign country a much more enjoyable and affordable experience. Our design staff works alongside a team of certified architects and engineers who have a solid reputation and history in Nicaragua. You will work directly with the design as we create a functional, affordable and beautiful custom home. Our construction team consists of both US and local staff that includes builders, contractors, supervisors and managers. This combination provides an excellent synergy that allows us to build a high-quality product at an affordable price, while supporting the local community along the way.

Our Commitment to You...
We understand that every client has their own personal concept of their dream home and our goal is to make that dream into a reality. We also understand that not every person has the same budget and, for that reason, we work directly with you to design and build a home that you not only love, but that you can afford and enjoy. We always focus on maintaining the highest standards while designing and building in both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. Our staff will handle all the logistics and will make sure that your dream home meets all of your demands, specifications, and expectations.

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