La Jolla 48
1,038 sq. mts.

About This Property

This 1/4 acre lot is perched atop a hill overlooking the Guasacate and Popoyo area.  Not only are there ocean views, but this property also enjoys views of the sunrises as well as the surrounding valleys and mountains.  

The development features a clubhouse that offers pools, a restaurant and a bar.   All of the infrastructure is well-engineered and consists of roads, power and water to all of the lots.  If you're looking for somewhere to build your dream home, this is a must-see!

Community Information

La Jolla de Guasacate is a gated, upscale community located in the hills overlooking Playa Guasacate minutes from several beaches in the Popoyo area.  The community is anchored by a clubhouse that features an 8-room boutique hotel, restaurant and pool.  The development provides water and electrical services to each home site, maintenance to the roads and common areas, 24 hour security and access to the amenities.

La Jolla de Guasacate is a brand new development in the Popoyo area that is a must-see!

Property Details

  • 1/4 acre
  • Ocean views
  • Sunrise views
  • Fully serviced
  • 24/7 security
  • Cell phone service
  • Internet service

Interior Details




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